Zopper Assure offers an extensive coverage for your electronics across categories, irrespective of brands. Zopper Assure extended warranty cover is extended to (but not limited to):

A. Large Appliances - LED/LCD TV, Washing Machines, Air Conditioners, Microwaves, Refrigerators, Coolers, Air Purifiers, Geyser’s & Dish Washers.

B. Small Appliances - Home Theatres, Electric Iron, Vacuum Cleaner, Mixer/Juicer/ Grinder, Induction Cooker/Cooktop, Sandwich Maker/Toaster, Coffee Maker, Electric Kettle, Blender/Chopper, Electric Rice cooker, Food maker/Food processer, Atta Maker, Roti Maker, Electric Fryer/Air Fryer Hair Dryer, Electronic Massager, Electronic shaver/trimer ,Room Heater, Fans.

Zopper Assure extended warranty commences as soon as the manufacturer's warranty ends. Depending on the plan that you chose, it is valid for 1, 2 or 3 years from the date the manufacturer's warranty ends.

Zopper Assure extended warranty covers all the manufacturing defects including hardware and electronic failures during the period of coverage. Essentially, it replicates the manufacturer’s warranty for an extended period of time apart from offering an extensive add on coverage such as replacement of accessories like remotes, cost of services lost due to product failure (eg. D2H charges etc.). We suggest you to refer to terms and conditions provided along with the product kit for a comprehensive list of coverage.

Zopper Assure extended warranty does not cover any physical damage to the product including any damage caused due to natural calamities like earthquake, cyclone, voltage fluctuations, natural pouring, wear and tear and/or other factors as maybe specified in the original manufacturer’s warranty.

We give Pan India service coverage for all the categories that are part of the Zopper Assure EW programme. The Service network has been painstakingly created by us over the last 4 years and revealing the micro details would be spilling the secret sauce of our business model. However, to create the required trust in you as our partner, you can give us any 5 PIN Codes or Locations of your choice from across the country, and we will provide you with the respective service centre detail.

Our achievements as an organisation.

• We are a 6 year old organization
• We have 9 offices and we operate in 50+ cities
• We employ 300+ people
• We are FDI invested company
• We have been selling warranty for 3 years through 7000 retail stores
• We have sold more than 500,000 warranties
• We provide services in 10,000+ Zip Codes
• We do direct dealing with OEMs and brands such as Kelvinator, Wybor, Kodak, Yuva, D’More, Den-Aiwa etc.
• We have 20+ distributors in various cities

Zopper Assure is backed by The New India Assurance which is a 110 years old organization.

No. On the contrary, since we get all the servicing done through an authorised brand service network, the product usage experience of the customer is improved and the propensity to re-purchase products of the same brand increases. Hence, most brands promote Zopper Assure and around 16 mid and small brands get their complete servicing done through us only.

No, we don’t give any warranty without product invoice.

Zopper pays the entire Service Tax on the MRP of the product upfront. No one - distributor or dealer - has to pay service tax on the product sold. The invoice will be generated from Zopper to end customer when the customer activates the Warranty. For accounting purpose the distributor can provide an "Acknowledgement Receipt" or "Delivery Challan" to the dealers. Zopper will also provide an "Acknowledgement receipt" to distributor for the amount he has paid to Zopper.

In the following circumstance the claim stands as invalid:

• If the product has been defaced/altered/modified or the Serial No. as specified by the manufacturer has been removed from the product.
• If any alterations have been made to the product including but not limited to unauthorised servicing or tampering with the product.
• If the product has not been used in accordance with the operating terms specified by the manufacturer/instruction manual including the power supply requirements.
• If a claim has been made by a user, later than 10 days after the product goes dysfunctional/ stops working as expected.

All the products that are covered under Zopper Assure extended warranty will be repaired by trained personnel at brand authorized service centres. However, if the authorized service centre for your specific brand is not available in your city, we will use the assistance of service centres that are authorized by other major brands.

If the product has suffered undue stress due to electrical, physical, accidental damage or any damage caused due to misuse, neglect and improper installation or by exposure to pests or humidity.

Zopper guarantees that all devices will be fixed using only genuine spare parts. There are no exceptions to this rule.

1. The customer calls our toll free number : 1800-103-7445
2. Our representative asks for the warranty code, location/address of the repair and preferred schedule of onsite visit and do a primary entitlement verification
3. We pass this request to our service partner at the same location
4. A field technician gets assigned
5. Technician performs the repair at the right date/time
6. Service Partner fills the claims report in form of Job Sheet and shares it with Zopper and raises an invoice to Zopper
7. Zopper pays the Service Partner
8. Zopper claims the amount from NIA

Once the warranty claim is filed, a Claim Reference ID is shared and claim details are sent to brand’s authorised service network. After which you will be contacted by the service provider for resolving the claim.

Zopper Assure is backed by The New India Assurance which is a 110 years old organization.

Zopper Assure provides the most extensive coverage. It replicates the brand warranty and in addition also we provide the following coverage on large appliances

AC: Refrigerant Charging, Air Filters, Remote Control
Microwave: Control Panel Button, High Voltage Transformer, Magnetron
LED TV: AV/USB Socket damages, Cost of Services, Module defects such as dark pixels and Bright Pixels
Refrigerator: LED light damages, Water Dispenser Functional Defect, Refrigerant Charging
Washing Machine: Pipes, Lint Filters, Control Panel Button

Zopper EW will NOT cover accidental damage from handling or fluid damage even if covered under manufacturer warranty.

Max coverage amount of Zopper EW is the purchase price of the product less depreciation. 1 year Depreciation is around 20% of the purchase price and around 40% of purchase price for 2 years depreciation.

As we have sold the kits ourselves and we exactly know where are these kits sold and for which category and brands and models, it is very easy for us to create a heat map. Zopper Assure Extended Warranty starts after 1 year and hence we have the requisite time to prepare ourselves. If we find out that in a certain location, a specific model of LED panel is sold then considering its fault rate we will ask the localized service partner to buy some spare parts and keep those for contingencies.

As we are integrated with many nationalised service partner our reach, density and availability is much more than brand’s own service centers and hence we can provide service better and faster than brands.

Zopper Assure extended warranty can be purchased for devices which are bought in India only.

Brand Warranty + Extended Warranty
1 + 1
1 + 2
2 + 1
2 + 2
3 + 1
3 + 2

• To register log on to https://zopper.com/warranty or call our Toll free number 1800-103-7445 for assistance.
• Product invoice along with product details like serial no & model no are mandatory.
• On successful registration, a confirmation will be send via email & SMS.
• You can share your product invoice on our WhatsApp no +91-9899-34-3110 to activate the warranty.

Yes, you can cancel your extended warranty within 30 days of purchasing it and you will get a full refund. However a refund is not possible in case if you have already filed a service request or the refund request is not as per the "REFUND AND CANCELLATION POLICY" provided with your product kit.

No, there are no cancellation charges for cancelling your Zopper Assure extended warranty. You will get 100% refund on your payment.

To claim refund you can contact Zopper by writing to us at assure@zopper.com with details of the warranty, customer service team will respond as per the prescribed timelines and will update about the required action.

Your Zopper Assure extended warranty can be transferred to a third party, if no claim has been made by you under the original manufacturer warranty and/or the extended warranty, subject to endorsement of the product in favour of the third party assignee and a prior intimation to Zopper. Further, you will be required to provide necessary details of such third party to Zopper and such third party assignee should register on the Zopper App and agree to the terms and conditions.

In the event Zopper fails to repair the product within a stipulated time period as per the agreement, Zopper shall provide you with a replacement product as specified in the agreement. If the same device is not available, Zopper will provide a device which is equivalent in terms of features and specifications or provide gift vouchers which can be redeemed on the Zopper app.

As we are integrated with many nationalised service partner our reach, density and availability is much more than brand’s own service centers and hence we can provide service better and faster than brands.

Cashless claim settlement means you do not have to pay from your side when the product is repaired for the defects covered under Zopper Assure extended warranty by authorized service provider.

Any other questions?

If there's anything else you'd like to know, please contact us 18001037445